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A letter to my hand


Dear my precious little hand.
I hope you are in a pink of health.
I love you so much.
You helped me out all the time.
You are very useful for me.
You help me when I want to shower, brushing teeth, iron and wear clothes, put on face powder, tie my shoe laces, eat and drink, lift things, pay to cashier, do homework, reading, writing and many more I couldn't list it.

I use right hand more than the other one
I think my right hand can lift up to 5kg++ weight by itself.
I used you everyday, every single time, every hours, every minutes and every seconds,
except when I sleep, hehe.

Today, my friend just asked about you.
"Hey, what's happen with your hand?"
I said "It's because of the soap,"
"Oh, really? You should care more about your hand. Your fingers' skin are peeled off and rough,"
"Hmmm, I don't know/care,"

I am so sorry my precious little hand
For not taking a good care for your wellness
I use you everyday bu…

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