Saengil chukahae First Love

Hai. Assalammualaikum . Nak tulis sikit jeh nih tauu.

To Sir Z :

Happy Birthday. May Allah bless you and your family . Hermm , hard for me to admit that you have been my first love . Maybe , i am to exaggerate to make you my first love. Hahahaha . I think it is better for 'First Crush' . Yeppp . Sir , thanks for still keeping my present. I saw it on your desk the day before yesterday when i came to school . But you wasn't there . But it's okay . I don't know how i will react if u were there . Maybe , i won't enter the teacher room before you get out from there. Haha *again* . Until now I don't know if you had knew that I had an admire feeling to you from last year . I think you have knew about it because 'that day' was so obvious that you heard Ustaz Razak calling my name 'As' loudly. Too long i write . Last but not least , happy birthday Sir Zaki !


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